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I am a professional English-French-Russian (native) interpreter-translator, graduated from the St. Petersburg State University, Russia, in 1997. I also obtained a degree in electronics (Diploma with Honours). Since then I have been devoting myself to mastering my knowledge of these languages and providing professional technical translation services in various fields, which you will find on my profile page.

In contrast to other translators who promise to do any translation, I translate only the projects that meet my translation quality assurance principles and fall within my specialist subject areas in which I have gained a vast experience over the years. My main advantages are mobility and instant accessiblity. You can reach me any time, and I am able to send and receive large files even while on the move.

This page features my favourites I would not live without as a translator. Internet and instant help of colleagues make it possible to solve any problem that might arise in my work.

You can choose any option to get in instant contact with me: mobile phone, E-mail, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Skype - whatever is more convenient for you. Well, just in case, check with my local time, shown in the lower left corner of the site.

According to Wikipedia, translation is the interpreting of the meaning of a text and the subsequent production of an equivalent text, likewise called a "translation," that communicates the same message in another language. The text to be translated is called the source text, and the language that it is to be translated into is called the target language; the final product is sometimes called the target text.

My slogan is much more simpler - I promote YOUR business! Hope we can easily tackle any translation needs you might have!

Yours sincerely,

Valeri Serikov

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